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Telephone System

The Samsung range of telephone systems has been developed to make communication as simple and as natural as possible, providing an integrated communications solution.  The key is to ensure that your telephone system enhances efficiency throughout your organisation, with the flexibility to adapt to your requirements and to expand on the system as your business expands.


The Samsung system can be configured to allow the customer to benefit from the use of multiple features, for example:

•Digital Lines: Primary Rate and Basic Rate ISDN (PRI/TEPRI and BRI)

•Analogue lines (PSTN)

•Voice Mail Systems

•Voice Over IP (VOIP)

•Call Logging Analysis and Management Software

•Auto Attendant

•DDI and CLI: Direct Dial Inwards and Caller Line Identity


The designers at Samsung have made this a very versatile telephone system and aesthetically pleasing to the eye in the environment. The Samsung has been designed to fit into a standard communications cabinet for ease of use with structured cabling.


Again with its versatility it can be used without structured cabling and wall mounting is an option.


With over 24 years of experience in the telecommunications industry has seen many systems come and go but the Samsung system has been one of the strongest in its field and has kept up with the ever changing demands that technology has brought.

Hosted VOIP

We can also provide Hosted VOIP telephony solutions to enable multi-site integration and some great packages for licencing handsets.

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